Brotato Lucky Build

Thank you for sharing the brotato lucky build for the game. It seems like an interesting playstyle focusing on Luck as the main attribute. Here’s a summary of the build and gameplay tips:

Brotato lucky build – Positive attributes of Lucky – Game Online

  • +100 Luck: Luck is increased by a significant amount, which has various benefits.
  • Luck modifiers increased by 25%: For every 4 Luck stats, you receive one Luck stat for free.
  • 75% chance to deal damage worth 15% of Luck to a random enemy: This ability provides additional damage output.


Brotato lucky build – Negative traits of Lucky:

  • -60% attack speed: Attack speed is significantly reduced, making combat with all weapons slower.
  • -50% XP gain: Experience points are gained at a reduced rate, impacting character leveling and upgrade bonuses.

Brotato lucky build – Gameplay tips:

  1. Focus on the Luck stat: Luck plays a crucial role in this build, increasing the appearance of consumables, crates, and rarer items in the game. Keep investing in Luck to maximize its benefits.
  2. Utilize the slingshot: Start the gameplay with the slingshot as the primary weapon. Although it doesn’t offer any specific advantages for the Lucky character, it provides a pleasant playstyle for long-range combat.
  3. Upgrade the slingshot: Obtain multiple slingshots and continuously upgrade them. Each level will improve the damage output as the shot bounces off, providing a significant damage bonus.
  4. Consider Attack Speed, Ranged Damage, and % Damage: If you’re facing difficulty in defeating enemies, focus on acquiring Attack Speed to make combat against large waves easier. Additionally, prioritize obtaining Ranged Damage and % Damage to enhance your overall damage output.
  5. Destroy trees: Destroy trees whenever possible to acquire more boxes from them and enemies. This can help compensate for the lower levels and upgrades due to reduced XP gain.
  6. Unlock the Lucky Charm item: After completing a run, you unlock the Lucky Charm item, which significantly increases your Luck stat. Regardless of whether you’re playing a melee or ranged damage character, it’s recommended to always equip this item for its high Luck bonus.

Remember, gameplay strategies and builds may vary depending on the game mechanics and updates, so be sure to adapt and experiment with different approaches as you progress.

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